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Nice to meet you.

Hello! It’s funny that you ended up here. I mean, of all the places you could be browsing on the internet, you came to my site! So thanks!

I just thought I’d introduce myself here. Let’s be honest…everyone hates writing bios. It’s not my thing and for some reason everyone writes it in third person. I tried. SO. Anyways I’m going to try to talk about me for a second.

I love being a designer and illustrator. It’s a cool gig for sure! Here are some of my goals that revolve around career stuff:

  • write and illustrate a children’s book

  • use my work to convey a positive message

  • brighten someones day with fun illustrations

  • freelance from home (cause I want to be a mom soon!)

When I’m not working, you can probably find me doing these things:

  • cooking vegan food!

  • watching The Office with my husband

  • also watching The X-Files

  • thrifting and finding cool vintage items to sell in my Etsy shop!

  • watching weird videos on Youtube (like cruises battling crazy high waves)

  • day dreaming about owning a dog and a cat (cause I’m both a dog + cat person)

Original Illustration

Original Illustration

I plan on using this blog to post client work and personal projects that I’m working on! Also personal stuff like photography. I think it’s fun to just use this space as a sort of “catch all”. Thanks so much for hanging out.